Friday, May 2, 2008

Lights,,,,,,, Camera...... ACTION!!

From da recent posts,
we're given da chance to make an attractive presentation (video/slieshow) that shall be shown during da coming ANSARA AGM.

whether video or slideshow, we're sure amateurs.
however, this small project had took all of us to great lengths.

for that purpose, a shooting crew of 7 will be at Khairiyah from 4-6th of May.
4 of them will spend da nights there.

we'll focussing on collecting, as well as recording da scenes of our adik-adik daily routines.
and, for your notice, Insya-Allah;
by 6th of May, Khairiyah shall have a visit from Muslim Aid Asia personnel. they know about this from our blog (Thanx to its founder!).

Muslim Aid Asia website:

literally, da shooting crew will concentrate on gathering da materials for our video+slideshow.
then, editting process will take place until it
satisfy us and our motivating tutor, ANSARA Jasin.


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