Monday, May 5, 2008


Apart from organizing activities for da needy, lets have Our time together.

So... come on and join for a game of bowling together. As well as celebrating our friends that will be entering the Matriculation*, next week.

Date: 8th May 2008
Venue: Gather at Mid Valley at the highest floor (near food court)
Time : Starting from 10 a.m.
VIPs : ALL Pucuk Rebung's members and da MRSM TGB's 06/07 batch.

*this is our last meeting.

just come there or u may ask dyau n che nad for further details.
their details r on the past posts on this blog.
by, Hisyam.

From: dyau,
Just to highlight da names that, Insya-Allah will be joining da bowling tournament.
(n more are expected to come! da more, da merrier!)
  1. Asyaari
  2. Dhiyauddin
  3. Zafree
  4. Muhammad
  5. Hisyam
  6. Amirul
  7. Zaiem
  8. Haqimmi
  9. Hafiz
  10. Izharuddin
  11. Irfan
  12. Ramzi
  1. Helya
  2. Nadira
  3. Ateeka
  4. Zahia
  5. Athirah
  6. Siti
  7. Izzaty
  8. Fiza
  9. Amira
  10. Intan

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Anonymous said...

I hope you guys can also visit tq... Ritz Chewan SPM'87