Friday, May 2, 2008

conclusion from the meeting

Tarikh : 22 April 2008

Masa : 7.00 ptg – 9.30mlm

Tempat : Pej. Sektariat Ansara JAsin, Kota Kemuning

Conclusion from the meeting :

Sent by Mr. Aziph Mustapha


First of all congrats to Pucuk Rebung for their excellent efforts. Young people like Helya and gang who care enough to get involved make me more optimistic about the future world that my children will inhabit.

From the discussion yesterday, we can conclude that they need the following assistance:

  1. Financial – for maintenance, equipment, etc
  2. Educational – books, tuition, etc
  3. Motivational – to improve the children’s self image and ultimately achievements in life. Could also apply to care givers and staff.
  4. Process – how to run a more efficient, safe, healthy organization.

In view of the above, some of the programmes we must run to address the needs would include:

  1. Fund Raising – to finance all 4 needs. Could use sponsor a child concept:
  2. Mentoring Group – to volunteer time to tutor, motivate, be friends with the children. Big Brother / Big Sister concept:
  3. Expert Group – to train / motivate care givers, to share best practices. Can be broken down further into: Operational, Methodology, Health and Safety.

To start, we need a communications plan to spread the word, generate interest, and recruit members for the three programmes above. Elements of a Communications Plan are:

1. Mission

What are the business goals of the project? Do we want to:

ü ü Build corporate identity awareness?

ü ü Demonstrate or sell products or services?

ü ü Build stronger relationships?

ü ü Provide education and information?

ü ü Conduct public relations activities?

ü ü Increase your customer service and support functions?

2. Objectives

ü ü Explain what you are trying to achieve (usually over the next year)

ü ü All objectives must be specific and measurable. Note: Objectives are not goals! Goals are broad, intangible, and cannot be validated objectively. Objectives, however, are precise, tangible, and can be objectively validated. e.g. Your goal might be to improve the general condition at the Orphanage. An objective would be to achieve an increase of 30% in the orphanages coffers, have 3 computers operational, have 52 tuition sessions, etc.

ü ü If these objectives are successfully communicated within the organization then everyone is pulling in the same direction and has the same end in mind.

3. Target Audiences

ü ü Need to clearly specify whom you're targeting—it might be the same audience segment that you've been addressing for years, or the target may have changed.

ü ü For us it would be ANSARA Jasin / TGB grads, teachers, family members. Funding target market may extend well beyond the ANSARA sphere. We also discussed the possibility of tracking down the orphanage’s alumni.

4. Communications Integration

ü ü Briefly outline the elements of your comms plan: emails, website, letters, flyers?

5. Strategies

ü ü Outline your strategy for the given mission, objective, audience target, and comms integration- this will tie in closely with the tactics below.

ü ü What resources need to be applied to achieve these objectives?

ü ü Explain any special offers you will have

ü ü What type of creative execution will you use?


ü ü Which elements in the available marketing mix are most appropriate?

ü ü These are the specific media you will utilize, the public relations activities you will develop, the direct mail programs you will create, the web presence you will have, the collateral materials you will produce, the publicity events you will hold, and the channels you will explore to accomplish objectives.

ü ü Need to send fully controlled messages to your target audiences through these activities and materials that are appropriate for the company as a whole. A failure to do this will result in a campaign that is not integrated and that sends mixed messages to the customer.

7. Logistics

ü ü This is the down and dirty implementation and execution of the tactics.

ü ü How will we do it? How will these vehicles be made available or distributed?

ü ü What are the technical requirements?

ü ü Do we have the database capabilities to implement the tactic? If not, how can we acquire it?

ü ü Do we have the staffing, capabilities, and competencies for this tactic? If not, how will we address any shortcomings?

ü ü Will we require external consultants, service bureaus, or developers?

ü ü Who will handle emails that result from the campaign?

ü ü How quickly can we respond to inquiries, etc.?

8. Metrics

ü ü You cannot manage what you cannot measure!

ü ü Metrics must be meaningful, and serve as the basis for action. There is little point to capturing metrics that do not guide organizational policy/ decisions.

ü ü What data will you want to track? How will this data be turned into meaningful information?

ü ü What measurement criteria will you use to determine the success of your tactics?

ü ü Indicate reporting methods to be used, and frequency.

ü ü How will the metrics be collected and analyzed?

ü ü What do you need to do to prepare to gather this data?

9. Budget

ü ü Provide an overview of the various costs associated with implementation.

10. Timeline

ü ü Indicate timeframe for development and implementation of the plan and its elements.

ü ü Set up specific dates to serve as milestones.

Rolyza: would appreciate if the Kebajikan biro can pick this up and come up with a proper implementation plan so we can move forward. The expectation is to start marketing this ASAP, and to recruit volunteers and donors during AGM/Bowling on 14 June 2008.

Thank you.

Aziph Mustapha

By : Nadira (che nad)

1) We have to set a meeting between us and Ansara jasin Biro Kebajikan Kak Roliza Ghazali

2) We also have to find a date to go to the orphanage again..:

Activity :

- Take pictures

- Biodata

- Video clip

3) Have to make a short video clip on sponsor kid program..Make a package ex: Donate Rm 10 and u can save a kid for a week

4) The video has to be done by 14 mei .

5) We also have to think of a motivational program that we could do.without charge but a volunteer program.

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