Tuesday, February 26, 2008

while preparing...

we were actually doing nothing much. just editing the presentation, print a couple of paperwork and photocopy it to hand it out to the committee of ansara jasin.
the best thing that happened in mr. hambali's office was the way asyaari and dhiyau were struggling to figure out how to use the xerox machine (photocopying stuffs)... i took a couple of their pictures together looking confused.. huahuahua..
we even went online and did something which is not related to the charity work. i checked my friendster account and posted something for the blog.
while i was in the office, i wanted to go to the toilet.. when i looked at the sign on the toilet's door, it shows the toilet for gents. i was so reluctant and i told the boys what i thought.. it was so weird entering the toilet.. i was told by usher that there were no female employee inn his father's office.. no wonder.. they were laughing hysterically at me.. bengong..
usher's father was a bit late but kak liza (the secretary of ansara jasin) said they don;t really mind.. we were so nervous cause we thought we were totally late. we arrived at mr. aziph's house (venue of the meeting) exactly at 6.53 (i knew this cause i recorded every important time)...

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