Tuesday, February 19, 2008


yesterday, 4.30 p.m., i received an sms from che nad telling me that we'll be having a meeting with the president of ANSARA next week!!! the president of ANSARA, the election candidate for langkawi, the son of the former prime minister of Malaysia!!!! oh my god!! i accidentally shouted while i was working yesterday and my colleagues from the shop i'm working in and the people from al-ikhsan sports came to check on me to make sure that i did not have a nervous breakdown (and yes they looked confused) because i'm so shocked... luckily, at that time there weren't a lot of customer present... i never thought that this charity work will go that far.. i was just thinking of a nice and simple donation for the people in the orphanage and not making a big deal about it...
so, i realise that this committee is to tell you the truth not well organized, i would like to know, who is the official member and who is really interested in joining.. please tell me during the conference tonight, please....
p.s. : to the ajk, i'm so glad to have your support..

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