Tuesday, February 26, 2008

looking for mr. aziph's house..

yes, it's mr aziph's house not dr. asri's.. it is located in cyberia crescent, cyberjaya.. (expensive apartments and houses)
we went to a few wrong locations but finally managed to find his house after a few phone calls.. we even mistakenly stopped at a place called cyberia smart homes that has shops and cafes where i saw a lot of people with strange hairstyles and clothes.. i guess that's where people with high salaries spend their money.. the cars over there were estimated to cost more than 100,000..
we continued our journey (cewah, macam adventure) and were told by mr. aziph that his house is near a school. when we came across the school, we were awstricken by the school's infrastructure.. totally modern. a far cry from tgb - well tgb will always lose if compared with the infrastructure in any school in malaysia. then, we found the entrance to the house..
when i found his house, my eyes were glued to the beautiful mercedez benz parked in his garage. then i thought,"wow, i'm dealing with ridiculously rich people here.."
to be continued..

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