Tuesday, February 26, 2008

an evening with ansara jasin - knowing the committee...

the moment i saw them, i didnt feel scared at all. they looked nice and friendly. the atmosphere was nice and comfortable and there were no formal craps.. we thought they were only waiting for us but it turned out that they were also waiting for other members..
this is an interesting part, when i saw the dining table where we were having the meeting, there were all sorts of gadgets and hi-tech stuffs. from the smallest laptop i have ever seen to PDAs and undoubtedly expensive phones. u name it, they got it... at that time i was praying that my outdated monophonic phone would not ring because it would be like the sky and the earth (direct translation from bm)
i didn't really remember all of them but all i know is, they were from the first batch of mrsm jasin, a couple of seniors from jasin batch 03 and us. which means the meeting was attended from the oldest generation until the youngest (nice...). the president is mr. aziph... everybody introduced themselves..
they didn't directly discussed about our programme because the meeting was about their annual activities and ours would most probably be included in their planning...
so, they were talking about their plan for the monthly activities of 2008. after a few discussions about hari keluarga, go-kart and futsal tournament, hari kerjaya,etc.etc. they focused on our programme.. i distributed the paperwork and luckily it's enough. i explained briefly and we heard the azan so we stopped for awhile to give way for maghrib prayer..
to be continued...

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