Wednesday, February 27, 2008

an evening with ansara jasin - the feedback from the committee

ok, so, these are the responses and opinion that were given by the committee.
1. it's a well organized programme but we should be continuous and commited towards the work that we do.
2. in order to get donations from public, we have to make sure that the orphanage has the license for tax reduction. if they don't, one of the members of ansara jasin, the treasurer, mr. adam is willingly offering his help.
3. for the time being, we should just collect sports stuff and books.
4. we might as well collect donations internally which means between the members of ansara jasin. the committee agreed to help on that.
5. dr. asri said that we might as well send tutors to help the children improve their academic achievements. this will be done by the members of ansara jasin because there are members who are working as teachers and tutors.


Anonymous said...


no books,please.

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A Voice said...

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