Sunday, December 16, 2007

Welcome everyone...

This charity work involves helping an orphanage somewhere in Negeri Sembilan. Actually, I haven't decide which orphanage but the first option is the orphanage that is situated in Kota, Negeri Sembilan. The area of the place is a bit far from the city compared to other orphanages. I was told by a few sources that most probably a lot of the orphanage in KL and Selangor received many donation and funds from NGO's and individuals.
But if any of you has any idea or suggestion about which orphanage to choose, you can sent a comment, sms or e-mail. By the way, my phone number is 0129163828 and my e-mail add is


asyaari said...

hai helya..
sori smlm x dpt dtg..
antar opah g hospital..
so pe yg ko nk ak wat skang..
juz tell me ..hehe..


Anonymous said...

ak da antar emel kt ko..
psal umah ank ytm tu..
bkk tau..
salam : )