Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mass visit to Khairiyah.

To make it simple, some of da members, and i myself are eager to see our adik2.

to make it simpler, it goes like this;

Mass visit to Khairiyah

27th of July, Sunday

UiTMs will go on their outing on 9am. as for UIAs, we might as well on our way by 9am. INTEC.... x tau la... if i'm correct, all of us will arrive at Khairiyah by 11.30-12.00. we might stay there until Zohor. from Khairiyah, our next destination depends on majority.

Students of INTEC, UiTM Shah Alam and UIA PJ. participating from other campuses are highly welcomed.

1)Motivate da orphans. As mid-sem exam will take much time on August, this might be da last visit before UPSR, which is scheduled on 9th of September. lets share our exam tips with them.

2)Promote da spirit of Islamic brotherhood among pre-universities/universities students and da needy. Thus, acts as a platform on conducting charity work.

3)Gathering of TGBrianz.

If any participants have an intention or suggestion for activities that would likely be carry out during da visit, such as games, slideshows, group dynamics, futsal tournament of TGBrianz VS Khairiyah and so on... just hint da commitee or u can just leave a shout on our shout box.

*There isn't any proper tentatives for da visit. But its ok to propose one (if any).

To participate, do inform Zafree, Dyau, and Nadira for da students in INTEC, UIA PJ and UiTM Shah Alam respectively. As for others, u are free to contact any of us and we will guide your way to Khairiyah.


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