Monday, January 21, 2008

after the meeting

last sunday, we (helya, zahia, aqil, dhiyaudin) had a meeting. we agreed that these activities will be taking place this week. which is from the 21st until 25th january 2008.
1. asyaari will be calling the orphanages that had been shortlisted so that we can pick the orphanage that needs our help.
2. farhana fadhli will be collecting the names of the members, telephone numbers and e-mail address.
3. ateeka will be deciding the name of our group.

there is a possibility of having a meeting with the ANSARA. in the meantime, it is best for those who had already confirmed to me that they're joining to start collecting clothes, books, and other necessary donations. Helya


dyau said...

correction, it is dhiyauDDin.

helya said...

ok, sory. won't happen next time